Marketing Campaign Brochure


Client: US Foodservice

Create a strong themed brochure to promote a co-op marketing program. The campaign included scratch-off lottery tickets.

Role: Lead Designer
Project Management: Illustrator, Copy Writer/Editor and Printer
Skills: Project Management, Protography, Prepress and Production
Tools: InDesign, PhotoShop and Illustrator

Jeff grew from taking design direction to leading creative teams of freelance vendors. He understands the principles of good design, and is able to apply his skills with a clear awareness of client needs and the goals of an assignment.

—Georgiana Dearing
Principal, Creative Director

Jeff is an excellent problem solver and is always looking for better solutions. He is quick to understand the goal of a given project and is adept at delivering designs that achieve that goal.

—Jeff Lefkowitz
Creative Director

Jeff has a knack for ensuring that projects are focused on objectives, and has extensive skills with the tools employed in executing those projects. He is conscientious and trustworthy and I always appreciate his "do whatever it takes" commitment to our work.

—Joe DeZarn
DeZarn Marketing